Saying goodbye to the AdSense for Feeds blog

Thursday, July 26, 2012 | 11:15 AM


Thanks to everyone who has been a loyal reader of this blog over the years. After some consideration, we recognize that we're just not generating enough content here to warrant your time, so we won't be posting here any longer. Thanks again for being an enthusiastic FeedBurner user.


DQ said...

Is Google shutting FeedBurner down any time soon?

Unknown said...

So, Feedburner has shut down for my blog only?

Mari said...

@ DQ and Gerry:

the Feedburner blog is shutting down...NOT feedburner nor feedburner on any of your blogs.

Sônia Maria said...

É realmente uma pena...Gostaria de ter a relação dos e-mails dos meus 14.382 leitores, é possível? Aguardo resposta.

I am LOVD said...

Gerry, Feedburner stopped working on my blog for no reason at all; no changes on my end. Yet, my son also has a blog and his still works. Go figure? Nothing makes sense. One day it's working, the next it goes away. Very disappointing and no help to be found. I'd gladly pay an annual fee if things could continue to work.