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Thursday, July 2, 2009 | 7:30 AM

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If a certain lack of variety has weighed on the format of your day-to-day, feed-to-email deliveries, things are looking up at last. Recent advances in dollar-sign technology have brought some strange and fascinating new capabilities to the Email Branding section of FeedBurner's Email Subscriptions feature. Read on, ostensibly for the many useful pictures and descriptions, but really for the danger and excitement only a new checkbox can bring.

First, sign in to your Google Account on FeedBurner and then click your feed's title, then Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding.

Always want to feature the title of the latest post in your subject line? Just put ${latestItemTitle} in the Email Subject/Title textbox:

Do you often have more than one post per day? You can help your readers uncover exactly how many new missives you've got planned for them in each update. Check the "Change Subject…" box and reveal a secondary subject line to use when 2 or more feed posts are delivered in a single email.

Remember, good subject lines command attention in crowded inboxes.

Behold! The mythical "almost empty" inbox. But in this case, the most recent post's subject line, thanks to ${latestItemTitle}, is right in this FeedBurner-delivered email, shining through.

Have fun with this new feature, but please note that ${pithyRetort}, ${iambicPentameter}, and ${heartfeltApology} are not yet supported.


Mikes Sumondong said...

Thanks a lot for this!

Bontangers said...

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hop said...

Oh, i see this tip is wonderful for business and also personal branding too.I will apply it on http://muavere.com

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for a while now. This is great information for my readers to be able to see exactly they will be reading when they get my feed.

Thanks a lot!!!

S.K.Roy said...

Good tip and new idea to attract visitors to improve business.

Amanda said...

This totally ROCKS! I've been waiting patiently for this and am so happy to see it here. Thank you for all your hard work!

Kristin said...

Many thanks. I am so excited about this feature!

One question (sorry if I've missed the answer...) : how does this work in the sign-up box (form)?

For example: my sign up box now shows:
${latestItemTitle} : French Word-A-Day

Or (another way around:
French Word-A-Day : ${latestItemTitle}

Potential subscribers see they are signing up to:

Again, forgive me for reading the news so fast; I'm just eager to use this feature and want to make sure that my sign-up form reads the same.


eldris said...

This is a great feature, thanks for adding it!

Viasna said...

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David said...

I wanted to make the same comment as Kristin. The feature is great for the email subject lines, but needs to be edited out on the subscription confirmation page.

I don't want potential subscribers to be turned away by seeing they are signing up to "${latestItemTitle}".


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Great feature, but it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

@kristen and matt - we're fixing this

Andrew D said...


I have wanted this feature for a long time. Thank you.

However, like @kristen and @matt, I'm getting the incorrect behavior in the signup process. My potential new subscribers are seeing "${latestItemTitle}".

Corrupted Lover said...

Hey thank you very much. I missed that completely when browsing the Feedburner site. This is going to come in very handy for me.

Thank you again!

Ritu Jain said...

There is no doubt, it is great, but after placing this feedburner has stopped to publish my new posts, kindly solve my problem. my email id easyjain@gmail.com

Otherwise feature is excellent , i was also in try to set this fuction last since 1 year

Unknown said...


In your Email Subscription Request they have fews mistakes in french.

This is your version (with mistakes)

« … vous allez recevoir un message de vérification apres avoir envoyè ce formulaire. FeedBurner activera votre inscription à “XXXX” quand vous répondrez a ce message de vérification. »

This is a version without mistakes:

… vous allez recevoir un message de vérification après avoir envoyé ce formulaire. FeedBurner activera votre inscription à “XXXX” quand vous répondrez à ce message. »


Unknown said...


${pithyRetort}, ${iambicPentameter}, and ${heartfeltApology}

Ok, not yet supported... but what's the function of these commands???

AyeletD said...

So great...exactly what I needed! Thanks!